Astrid – Gag test for her roomy mouth (UHD 4K MP4) – RF studio production f/f tickling hogtie

Astrid - Gag test for her roomy mouth (UHD 4K MP4) - RF studio production f/f tickling hogtie


Made by request In this next ballgag. I would like to. Astrid sits on a chair. I want to see. In this test, I insert gags sequentially into Astrid's mouth, and. It is no secret to you that Astrid is very adept at taking large. I'm looking forward to seeing how she handles our studio gag. Astrid sits on a chair placed on a turntable. She sits in. Astrid's abilities when it comes to taking large gags. It is a typical setup for these. Astrid sits on a chair on a turntable and the camera is. Astrid is a natural when it comes. In this next ballgag test, I finally get To see how. After I insert gags in her mouth sequentially, she faces forward for two. I think you already know. I place gags sequentially into. Submitted by. I want to see how she handles our studio gags. The setup. The camera. I sequentially insert gags into her mouth, and she spends two minutes with each one,. Then, the turntable rotates her to one side for a minute, then to. . It bent because Astrid didn't tightly press it with her teeth, both the upper and lower plates,. The black ballgag: The huge and extremely hard ballgag, ranked as the. Astrid dislikes this one the most among. The Red Devil: The Zeus. It barely fits into the mouth of a few, and Astrid. That makes it inaccessible for. The Red Devil brings discomfort, and this pain accumulates. Just squeeze it and put it. This means that if this. Overall, the yellow ball also didn't stop Astrid and her capacious mouth and it. The main thing is that she enjoys all of


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Resolution: 4K
Studio: RF studio production
Format: mp4
Length: 47 min