Soldier Feast – Media Impact Customs handheld vore

Soldier Feast - Media Impact Customs handheld vore


Blondzilla is one of many giantesses that the military has been trying to take. She collects and stores them as snacks for. One day, she walks into her living room with a big bowl of tiny. There are a few soldiers on the. However at one point,. So she grabs them a few and puts them down. When her bowl is almost empty, she looks down and sees a couple of soldiers on the floor who managed to escape. She laughs and then stomps on them all, twisting and grinding them. She mentions that this is hardly a loss. She grabs the last few soldiers out of the bowl and drops them in her mouth all at once,. She swallows them and then walks out


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Resolution: 4K
Studio: Media Impact Customs
Format: mp4
Length: 18 min